Additional Material for Special Topics: The Witch Hunts

Syllabus for HS 399: Special Topics in History: The Witch Hunts 1400-1800, John Cabot University, Summer 2013

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English Pamphlets available at

Other Early Modern Pamphlets: Prodigies and Popular Press available at

Skeptical view of witches from Skeptic magazine

Theories about brooms

witch art exhibit

Catherine Rider, Magic and Impotence in the Middle Ages, OUP Oxford,2006

Sociology of Deviance and witch hunts: <>

Questions on Burning Times <>



My site mentioned; as series of questions about burning times (site?)




Ten Theories about the Causes of the Witch Hunts:
ideas by historians about the origins of the Witch Hunts
Ten Common Errors and Myths about the Witch Hunts:
corrections to mistaken ideas people frequently have about the Witch Hunts
Timeline of the Hunts to 1800:
chronology of key events, sources and people involved in the witch hunts
Primary Source: Letters from the Witch Trial of Rebecca Lemp:
a family deals with accusations.
a review of torture in the witch hunts and today.
Suffer your own persecution!
Try a witch hunt simulation
make choices to survive or not.
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